Eva Turk

Eva Turk, our former Vice President, has been ushered in as the new President of PWN Norway. Originally from Slovenia, Eva has studied, lived and worked in Austria, Finland, Spain, Argentina, Syria, and Norway. She has amassed an envious 15 years of research experience in the healthcare sector.


Currently an associate professor of digital health at the University of South-Eastern Norway, Eva also works with the Norwegian Red Cross, serves as a Board member at the European Health Management Association, and is a member of the Expert Council at the Slovenian Digital Health Innovation Lab. She founded SanAstra foundation with the aim of improving digital health literacy in 2018. Eva holds an MBA in Healthcare Management and a Ph.D. in Health Sciences.


Her passion for sustainable development and the SDGs, in particular, SDG 5, Gender Equality, aligns with what we at PWN Norway focus on. She has served on our board for the past 3 years, first as the VP of Events and after as Vice President.


As a teacher, mentor, mentee and culture builder, Eva is contributing to raising awareness about balanced leadership and opportunities for empowering female professionals.