Laura Roth
VP Partnerships

Laura's professional background is mostly from consultancy within continuous improvement. Her educational background is in law, international business and cross-cultural management. She is passionate about understanding how things work and interact, how we can make things simple without oversimplifying – this is how she ended up working at the crossroads between process, people and change. She is now (since January) an independent consultant working still on a lot of projects at Norsk Hydro, and is partnering with the Norwegian consultancy AFF on several other (mostly organizational change) projects. Over the past few years, Laura has had the opportunity to talk a lot about the impact of diversity or its "management" - and she feels it is important to raise awareness and discussions, with an even stronger thirst to take action, to contribute to building an inclusive future in Norway. Laura has also been a part of a Diversity & Inclusion network where around ten organizations such as Statkraft, Hydro, PWC, Deloitte, Thomassen, Rema1000, McKinsey and others have been discussing and inviting some speakers to inspire their D&I next steps and strategies.