Monika Bercher-Pettersen
Co- VP Events

Monika has worked for more than 20 years worldwide (Germany, USA, Iceland, UK, France, Congo, Guinea, and Norway) as C-level Executive support in different industries (medical field, government, military, agriculture, transportation, investment and consulting), where she experienced first-hand how cultural diversity makes a difference.


She strongly cares about the importance of cultural diversity, believing it widens the mind and the spirit. To her, strength lies in differences and not in similarities. She is also very passionate about gender equality and believes that it’s highly important that women stand up for each other, instead of competing or criticizing another.


Along with Edee, as Co-VP Events, Monika is enthusiastic to organize exciting events with Norwegian and international speakers, cover topics, which are beneficial to all members. Monika joined PWN Norway in March 2019.