Christa Werner
VP Events

Christa has several years of experience as events director, venue general manager in the corporate and private sector, project manager, marketing communications and restaurateur.

Originally from Indonesia, Christa always thrives for something new and challenging. Her life motto is “If you want it and you work for it, it will be yours”. She began her first project at the age of 17 years old. She learned how to be a leader at such young age, and has been working for non-profit organizations and volunteering in social work for women, children, and the environment.

She moved to Norway in Autumn 2018 and has been active since and is currently working part-time as a retail associate and is volunteering for PWN as Stavanger events and membership project manager. Her passion in gender-balanced leadership is one of the reasons for her to join PWN. She wants to get involved in organizations that help women in their careers to have the same opportunity as men. PWN Norway helps to elevate her networking in Stavanger and Oslo, and develop her skills professionally.

Christa has a bachelor's degree in International Relations. She loves to bake, sing and travelling.