Cayce Williams
VP Membership

Cayce holds an MBA with an emphasis in Supply Chain Logistics Management from the University of West Florida. She also holds certifications in Professional Human Resources (PHR), Scrum (Professional Scrum Master I), leadership and process improvement. Her latest certification is from Cambridge University in Sustainable Supply Chain Management.

Cayce started her career as a Program Manager and Project Coordinator at a large bank in the United States in the Human Resources department. After moving to Norway, she became R&D Project Manager at Halodi Robotics and in 2020 got promoted to their VP of Supply Chain leading a global team.

Cayce has been volunteering with PWN Norway since the first month she moved to Norway in 2018. She is now the VP of Membership. Additionally, she donates her time and money to clean water around the world as well as an organization fighting corruption in the U.S. government.

Her biggest hobby is reading. She runs three different book clubs, including one for PWN Norway.