Vorian Maryssael
VP Mentoring

Business Development is my key professional skill and I love the start-up world, the versatility, creativity and risk it contains. I have my own start-up in its early stages and I love to share my love for it and experiences with that.

 I come from many years in the Oil & Gas industry. I have also worked in aquaculture and I have a few years with the UN in Vienna. I am a Negotiations specialist, NLP Coach and a Yoga teacher. Three fields that together make up my approach when interacting with others. I am still, and will always be a learner.

 I am of mixed cultures, with strong influence from Sweden, Mexico and Belgium. I have lived in London, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Oslo, apart from my inherited countries. Now I live in Stavanger. I speak Swedish, English and Spanish fluently.

 I am a single mother of twins that were born when I turned 41. They changed everything and keep on rocking my boat.