Valentina Buratti
President, PWN Norway

As a teenager growing up in an Italian city famous for its "Temple of Speed," a world-famous track for high-speed cars and roaring engines, Valentina had a clear goal: she would become an engineer to prove that it was not just a place for men.

Following a Bachelor's in aerospace engineering and a Master of Science in aeronautical engineering from Politecnico di Milano, she decided to move to Norway, where she started her career as a Graduate at one of the global leaders in the delivery of offshore projects and services for the energy industry.

Since then, Valentina has been living abroad, from Norway to Singapore, passing through Denmark, and she has continued pursuing her goals: progressing in her personal and career development while actively empowering women to bridge the gender gap, especially in STEM.

She gained extensive experience in the energy sector, working in product development for one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world and in one of the major EPCI offshore companies operating on the Norwegian continental shelf. More than 20 years later, she continues to strive for equal opportunities in traditionally male-dominated industries.

She joined PWN in 2019 in Stavanger, and her involvement as a volunteer started in 2020 when she served as the Project Manager for the Mentoring Program in Norway and then as the leader of the Storytelling Group in Global.

Valentina has a strong interest in cultures and languages and firmly believes that differences can make a great difference.