Snjezana Slabek
vp marketing & communications

Snjezana Slabek, the Senior Director of Learning and Training at Cognite AS in Oslo, Norway, brings over twenty years of diverse international experience in the fields of computer science, learning technologies, knowledge management, and gamification.

After graduating in computer sciences, Snjezana delved into learning technologies, leading her to explore the behavioural science of adult and organizational learning. This journey ultimately led her to gamification as she sought to integrate learning technologies with human motivation through gaming mechanisms. 

She advocates for women in STEM, and her leadership was recognized in her many roles during her career. From pivotal positions such as head of innovation and knowledge management in large organizations to her entrepreneurial ventures in the realm of gamification, she has continually pushed boundaries and driven innovation. 

A recognized thought leader, Snjezana has been a TEDx speaker and featured on the 'Movers and Shakers' international list for two years. She's known for her workshops and talks at various conferences. Her work, especially in organizational learning, has earned national accolades. Snjezana is a staunch advocate for the transformative impact of learning culture in organizations, fostering digital transformation and sustainable change in organizational culture. 

In 2023, Snjezana served as a mentor at PWN Norway, and in 2024, she stepped into the role of VP Marketing and Communication.