Sofia Dall'Osto
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Sofia is an ambitious and fast-growing professional with a background in healthcare technology and international business. She is passionate about technology's power to serve people and communities and bridge the gap in healthcare equality.

As market analyst and project coordinator in the MedTech sector, Sofia has experience developing go-to-market strategies and coordinating diverse cross-functional teams through several small and big projects, specifically focusing on international business with Japan and the USA.

She holds a joint European Masters in Health Economics and Management from University of Oslo, Management Centre Innsbruck, University of Bologna, and Erasmus University Rotterdam, graduating with top honors and a scholarship. That is completed by a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the University of Trieste, Italy.

Sofia holds dear the value of community and works to make it more inclusive, equitable and loving, with previous experience in the Italian and Norwegian Red Cross in several programmes, from working with the homeless to empowering migrant communities. 

Having lived in Italy, Austria, Australia, and Norway, she has matured a global outlook and has chosen Norway as her current home. She is fluent in Italian, English and Norwegian, with a sprinkle of French.

Outside of her professional life, Sofia enjoys painting and reading, is a birdwatching geek, loves being in nature, cooking with friends and dancing away, especially if Latino.