PWN Norway Webinar: Low Representation of Women in Tech: It’s not you, it’s the system

29 September 2020 17:00 - 18:00 Online

Are you overly qualified for your job but you are not getting access to the plum projects or the next promotion? Are more junior male colleagues getting ahead of you in spite of delivering great work? Are you getting the feedback that you need to be “fixed” in order to succeed? Are you tired of people selling you a magic bullet that will solve forever the gender imbalance in leadership positions?

In this seminar, Dr. Patricia Gestoso, will debunk common beliefs such as that there is a simple solution to the lack of women in leadership positions in tech or that you need to be fixed to get to the top. Dr. Gestoso will present the key systemic forces that account for the low representation of women in leadership positions in tech companies. She’ll also share some practices that can help you negotiate at work and at home.

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  • Ms Patricia Gestoso
    Head of Scientific Support Dassault Systemes VIEW PROFILE

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