PWN Norway Stavanger - A Community Conversation on Gender Equality & Inclusion

08 November 2023 18:30 - 21:00 Rosenkildehuset

How to foster a more inclusive and diverse culture in Stavanger? Join us to hear three different stories on business insight, personal journey and pointer of how to stay proactive and create opportunities in a new culture.

The event will bring together three panelists and facilitated by PWN Norway and the Chamber of Commerce to talk about challenges and opportunities faced in the Stavanger community regarding gender equality and diversity. The goal is to provide an environment to have open and inclusive conversations about equality and diversity that includes everyone, as well as provides practical tools for individuals and businesses to help be more inclusive. 

PWN Norway empowers and encourages women to grow and make the world a more inclusive and equitable place through networking, educating and mentorship.  Throughout the year they host programs, such as focus groups or booj clubs that help with personal and professional development.

There will be a panel discussion with our speakers with possibilities to enlighten subjects that are important for you and air questions for everyone to partake in the discussion. We look forward to seeing you! 

Register through this link: A Community Conversation on Gender Equality and Inclusion - Stavanger Chamber of Commerce

Please enroll with your company or university e-mail if you have one. Networking is a highly important part of the events hosted here at Stavanger Chamber of Commerce, an updated attendee list with company details leaves you with maximum gain from our events. Hope to see you! 

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08 November 2023
A Community Conversation on Gender Equality and Inclusion
18:30 - :00:0 Registration & Coffee
18:45 - :00:0 Welcome Remarks, By Stavanger Chamber of Commerce
18:50 - :00:0 What is PWN Norway and How Can You Benefit from The Network? Marike Stassar, PWN Norway
19:00 - :00:0 Journeying Through Research: Venture Capital, Gender, and Access to Opportunities, Marte Cecilie Wilhelmsen Solheim, University of Stavanger
19:10 - :00:0 How to Stay Proactive and Create New Opportunities in a New Culture? Chanda Bhardwej, Laerdal Medical
19:20 - :00:0 No Limits! The Salvadoran Girl Who Became a Pilot and Aerospace Engineer, Teti Gomez
19:30 - :00:0 Break and Networking
19:45 - :00:0 Panel Discussion by All
20:30 - :00:0 Individual Q&A by All
21:00 - :00:0 Closing


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