Meet the mentors!


  • Marike Stassar

    Marike Stassar

    I am a professional life coach, with a heartfelt interest in helping you achieve whatever you want to achieve in life. I guide you in overcoming struggles that stand between where you are in life and where you want to be. I have many years of experience in mindfulness and meditation and like to share techniques that could benefit in your daily life.


  • Pilar Castillo

    Pilar Castillo

    I have more than 15 years experience in sustainability and social impact. I worked as a consultant in the UK, China and Norway, and advised organizations of all types on how to turn sustainability into tangible business opportunities. Last year I started a new project on impact investment in Colombia looking to contribute to an inclusive and sustainable post conflict economy by investing in profitable companies that have a large financial and social impact potential.


  • Karin Range

    Karin Range

    I empower individuals, teams and organizations to unleash their greatest talents into strengths and success. With more than 30 years of experience in leadership positions in the publishing and marketing industry in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, I am passionate about coaching and publishing arts and craft books.

    I am a coach who shares and cares with passion, curiosity, co-creativity, courage and empowerment for growth in order for leaders, individuals and teams to reach their highest potential. I am Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Executive Coach, DNCF Certified Coach (NLP) and Meta-Coach®.

  • Vorian Maryssael

    Vorian Maryssael

    I have a long career in Oil and Gas with many leadership roles there. I have now spent almost 3 years as an independent consultant in Business Development, Negotiation and Coaching. I have also worked with the UN (CTBTO) and am about to engage with them again. My real strength for a mentee is my coaching skills, and broad personal experience with life changes such as career, changing countries, cultures, family constellations and so on. In short: how to sort away the noise and concentrate on what matters, which frees up the energy you need to have a breakthrough.


  • Eva Turk

    Eva Turk

    I desire to find opportunities and solutions for a safe and sustainable future by looking for ways to combine my passion and experience in sustainable development from the human and social perspective. I combine stakeholder engagement, research, innovation management, and teaching. With the goal of contributing to a more sustainable future, I have been engaged with assessing the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), and building a global position of innovative sustainable solutions in Global Opportunity Explorer, connecting business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors with new partners.


  • Becky (Rebekah) Pearson

    Becky (Rebekah) Pearson

    I am approachable and easy to engage with which allows people to become at ease quickly. I am a good listener and will encourage you to reflect on the areas you want to develop and improve and will assist you to make a SMART plan. Although I live in the UK I have undertaken mentoring via Skype and can attend meetings in Oslo when required. My heritage is white British with some Norwegian ancestry.


  • Åsa Roth

    Åsa Roth

    Experienced mentor. I am the co-founder and previous CEO of bbhugme, a Norwegian startup. This is a production company focusing on supportive products to pregnant women all over the world. In addition to experience as a manager in the corporate private sector. I am dedicated to market understanding in every product, company or management role. Customers are your mentors.


  • Angela Restrepo Holter

    Angela Restrepo Holter

    I'm an optimist who believes that there is always a way to turn obstacles and problems into opportunities. I like inspiring people to dare more and be more, by identifying and capitalizing on their strengths. I have lived in several countries which has made me culturally sensitive and diversity appreciative. I hold a masters degree in International business and finance and have developed a career of 15 years in the same field.


  • Aldo Matteucci

    Aldo Matteucci

    Curious and open to see things from different perspectives. Enjoy connecting with people and navigating through cultural diversities. Former Navy Officer, Naval Architect with 15 years experience in managing people and processes in Italy, China and Norway. Good experience in change processes with special attention to digitalization.


  • Laverne Wyatt

    Laverne Wyatt

    Energetic, engaged and direct person, who lives as a single mom in the countryside while also working and living in Oslo. I have lived in South Africa, Malta and now Norway for the past 9 years. Empowerment and integration for amazing people through creativity and media are my core passions and mission. I have a good network with a focus on long term relationship building rather than networking.


  • Veronika Dokken

    Veronika Dokken

    I have started my working life as a professional pianist and reached an international level. My passion for music makes me creative, efficient and empathic person. In addition, I have broad educational background and expertise in international business and strategic development as well as management experience in cross-cultural environment. I would be delighted to help others with understanding their own roads and new opportunities in professional carrier and business development.


  • Candela Iglesias

    Candela Iglesias

    I am a global health specialist with a passion for saving lives and improving the well-being of vulnerable people around the world. I call myself a global citizen, I love traveling, outdoor activities, continuous learning and self improvement. Years ago I switched careers from basic research in academia to public health. I have founded two companies, one for Global Health consulting and a second one dedicated to training in leadership and team-building.


  • Mirjana Joksimovic Bohlin

    Mirjana Joksimovic Bohlin

    People who know me and my previous mentees say I bring a wealth of knowledge, both professional and life related. When mentoring I always systematically explore the issues at hand and together with mentee look for solution, always looking for long term, solid solution. My mottos are: "One option is not (re)solution, two are a dilemma, only three and more options give the right solution" and "Nothing can be improved unless first being standardized ". In both cases brainstorming is essential, which comes naturally to me. I also hold MBTI licence from CAPT, Atlanta, US.


  • Marija Jonsson

    Marija Jonsson

    Passion and loving what you do generates happiness for you and results to be proud of. I would love to hear your story and help you find your next step to your personal greatness.


  • Sara Cecavova

    Sara Cecavova

    I was born and raised in the Czech Republic and for the past 15 years have been studying, living and working between Norway and France. I hold degrees in politics, literature and business and currently work as a consultant at the intersection of people, process and technology in digital transformation projects. My work motto is "Technology is the future, but people come first." Guiding, inspiring and empowering people through process of change is what I do and want to keep doing.


  • E. Roxanne W. Colle

    E. Roxanne W. Colle

    I am an enthusiastic woman, interested in technology, innovation and business development. I have an BA in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a MA in Technology, Innovation and Knowledge. I am intrigued by how the future may look, and how businesses and society can prepare for this.


  • Bruno Pešec

    Bruno Pešec

    Industrial Engineer. Lean Practitioner. Martial Artist. My motto is "Life is short enough, let's not waste our time".


  • Anne Kokkonen

    Anne Kokkonen

    I work at Norwegian Business School as a researcher and study climate adaption within the area of built environment. As a mentor I would listen you and help you to clarify your ideas by asking questions and giving comments. I was recently looking for a job and for this reason, I have some ideas on job seeking. As a researcher, I need to manage my work independently; I would happily help with managing your working time. I aim to support you to build trust in yourself for reaching new paths.


  • Aja Humm

    Aja Humm

    I work as a coach for great leaders in business and with their teams to help them toward optimal success. I also work as a coach for celebrities (stage fright and media help) and as a fun project for myself and my entrepreneurial/tech curiousness, I also run my online business training "FamilieAkademiet", helping families to navigate better in our busy world. I have my own Podcast SUKSESSPILLEN on iTunes and Podbean describing more about the principles I work from.


  • Ingrid Radtke

    Ingrid Radtke

    I am a German political scientist who has worked in the area of educational management in the public sector in Noway. In addition, I have qualifications in the area of carrier development and coaching.


  • Shubham Bhattacharya

    Shubham Bhattacharya

    Having spent 10 years in an engineering driven career, I moved to Paris with my family to pursue an MBA, with the drive to do something more with my professional career. Since then, I have lived in three countries in Europe and gathered a great deal of inter-cultural experience. In the course of this time I have learnt a great deal about the job search process in these parts of Europe and the importance of personal branding. In the two previous mentorship programs I have helped my mentees adapt these learnings into their specific situations.


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